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Update: Swisher, Nady

January 13, 2009

The Nationals have expressed interest in acquiring Swisher and Nady from the Yankees, but that would mean they would have to give something up. So far the Nats haven’t released any information about who they would be willing to give up and its very possible that they aren’t willing to give up anybody at all. I wouldn’t mind the Nationals giving up a guy like Austin Kearns, but it isn’t likely that the Yankees would be interested in Kearns. Its more likely that they would be looking for top prospects, but it doesn’t really make sense for the Nationals to give up any of their prospects. The Nationals plan has been to revamp their minor leagues to develop their own talent and trading that talent away could hurt the future that the Nationals are building around.

That being said, I think that Adam Dunn might come back into the picture. Currently, he is asking for a 4 year/$56 million contract, which the Nationals have already said is too high. However, this asking price may come down based on several factors. Primarily, Dunn doesn’t have a very long list of suitors at this point. No front office has expressed a sense of urgency to acquire Dunn at his current price. Furthermore, teams like Atlanta and Washington have expressed that they are seeking to adjust their roster through trades rather than free agency. The fact that Washington has expressed interest in trading for Swisher and Nady hurts Dunn a lot. The Nationals made it no secret that Dunn would be their next target if Teixeira didn’t work out. However, the Nats were not going to be used by Boras to drive the price up of another one of his clients. Thus, talks involving Nady and Swisher take the team that has expressed the most interest in Dunn right out of the picture–at least, temporarily. Another factor that may drive the asking price for Dunn down is Pat Burrell recently signing a 2 year/$16 million contract. If any combinations of these factors results in Dunn’s asking price being reduced, then I would expect the Nationals to abandon trade talks for Swisher and Nady to go after the guy they originally wanted. That is why there is still a possibility of seeing Adam Dunn in a Nationals uniform in 2009.