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Wizards Considering Name Change

January 8, 2009

NBA marketing has leaked a new name and jersey design for the Washington Wizards. They are looking for a new image that is loyal and fearless to represent Washington DC. Apparently, they decided to go with something that’s all bark and no bite, as well. Brace yourself for the…um, Washington DC Dachshunds? The announcement of new jerseys and official name change is scheduled for Gilbert Arenas’ return.

Agent Zero

New Nats Jerseys

January 7, 2009

Here’s a preview of the Nationals jerseys for 2009:

The home jersey looks the best with the curly “W.” The road jerseys would be great, but the gold in the DC logo on the sleeve looks out of place. A solid red “DC” with white trim would look at lot better. I really don’t know what to say about the alternate jerseys. A lot of people don’t like the flag inside the “DC,” but I gotta give them credit for trying. If it helps them win, then I’m in favor.

Had the Nationals asked me to design a new jersey for them, it would look like this:

This is the type of jersey that guarantees wins. I guarantee it!