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Young Goes Off Again, Knicks Win

January 15, 2009

Nick Young followed up a career game scoring a new career high of 33 points off the bench for the Wizards last night against the Knicks. Caron Butler had 25 points and Mike James had 20. It was a big night for the Wizards overall who scored a total of 122 points. This marked their second highest point total of the season, but they couldn’t pull out the win as the Knicks scored 128. The Wizards are now 7-31 and you got to wonder if they are considering changing the line-up to give Nick Young a chance to start. I am happy with him coming off the bench, but either way he needs minutes. He’s shown a lot of consistency when he’s gotten minutes. As a whole, the Wizards could all benefit from better defense. 122 points should be enough offense to win a game.


Bobcats Outlast Wizards 92-89

January 11, 2009

Wizards had a strong offensive first quarter against the Bobcats last night but couldn’t hang onto the lead. Butler led the way for the Wizards with 19 points. Blatche contributed 14 points (10 rebounds) and Jamison had 13. Despite losing, I like the fact that the Wizards received contributions from all of the young guys. Nick Young had another solid night with 12 points and Dominic McGuire had a 7 point effort. Coach Tapscott must have read my last Wizards post because he let JaVale McGee play and kept Thomas on the bench. McGee ended up with 9 points and a couple of monster dunks. The Wizards move to 7-29 and Charlotte moves to 14-24 on the season.

Bulls Down Wizards 98-86

January 10, 2009

I didn’t see the game tonight, but the Wizards got off to another slow start and never recovered. Same old story and the box score shows that Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison both had an off-night. Caron only had 2 points and Jamison had 11. The Wizards relied on scoring from Nick Young with 28 points. Javale McGee didn’t play again and I’m really starting to get annoyed about that. Etan Thomas is a waste and has had enough time to develop in the NBA, but has showed no progress since he came into the league. He hasn’t developed any kind of shot around the basket and he shows he has no idea where he belongs on defense. Why are they wasting McGee’s minutes on Thomas? When a team is in last place at this point in the season they need to start planning for the future.

Watching the Wizards used to be fun…

Vote Butler and Jamison to All-Star Team

January 8, 2009

Butler and Jamison still need votes to make the All-Star game. Last year both players made the All-Star game with roughly the same numbers they’ve been putting up this year. The only difference was the Wizards record at this point last year. Check out their All-Star credentials:

Caron Butler
20.6 PPG
6.4 RPG
4.5 APG
1.7 SPG
Two Time All-Star ’07 & ’08

Antawn Jamison
20.9 PPG
9.4 RPG
19 Double-Doubles
Two Time All-Star ’05 & ’08

For more All-Star credentials check out this site. You can vote here.

Wizards fall to Magic 89-80; 6 point 2nd Quarter!

January 6, 2009

The Wizards were down 46-30 at the half after a second quarter in which the Magic held them to only 6 points.  I missed the the first half of the game but apparently 6 points is a new franchise record for fewest points in a quarter.  I caught the second half of the game and I thought the Wizards battledback  behind a strong 3rd quarter from Caron Butler.  He scored a career high 21 points from 8 of 10 from the field in the 3rd quarter alone.  Butler finished with a game-high of 29 points.  Turkoglu led the way for the Magic with 22.  

The Wizards played well the second half, but could have used a little better effort from somebody besides Caron.  McGee didn’t play a single minute the entire game.  I would like to see him get more minutes because I don’t see how bench-warming helps develop a player.  He needs to get out there and play through mistakes.  The Wizards really don’t have anything to lose at this point by letting their young guys get some minutes.  Oh well, they move to 7-26 overall.

Too bad they couldn’t extend their win streak to 2 games, but at least they beat crybaby LeBron.  He definitely traveled!