Nats Interested in Nady, Swisher

The Nationals have expressed interest in acquiring Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher from the Yankees. Nady would become the Nationals everyday right-fielder. He hit a combined .305 with 25 bombs for the Pirates and Yankees last year. Swisher hit .219 with 24 bombs last year for the White Sox before being acquired by the Yankees in the off-season. After signing Teixeira, the Yankees have relegated Swisher to a back-up first baseman. If the Nats work out a deal, Swisher would replace Nick Johnson and become the Nats everyday first baseman.

Its not clear yet who the Nats are willing to give up, but I think both of these guys would help the Nats a lot. I like the fact that Swisher is a switch-hitter and I really like the fact that Nady rakes wherever he ends up. This could turn out good for the Nationals. The only thing that concerns me about Nady is that he is a Boras client in the last year of his contract, but I don’t think Bowden will go through with a trade if the Yankees ask for too much. Definitely keep your eyes on the Nats the next couple of days to see if anything materializes.


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