Wizards lose to Toronto 99-93 at home

Once again the Wizards got off to a slow start. They battled back, but Toronto never gave up the lead. It was good to see young guys like Crittenton and McGuire get a lot of minutes. I’m starting to like McGuire a lot. He’s an unbelievable athlete and fun to watch because you always see something you’ve never seen before on a basketball court with that guy. Whenever he jumps you never know where he’s going to end up and its unclear whether he does either.

The Wizards announcers deserve a lot of credit for doing what they do. They don’t have the option to change the channel when the game starts getting sloppy. Buckhantz hasn’t had the opportunity to shout his patented, “DAGGER!,” this year. But I really feel for Phil Chenier. Nobody is happier than good old Phil when the Wiz get a win. I still root for the Wizards just to see Phil smile again.

I wish I had a Phil Chenier bobblehead!

Jamison-32 pts
Butler-15 pts
Blatche-12 pts

Bargnani-25 pts
Bosh-18 pts
Parker-15 pts

Brendan Haywood just had the pin taken out of his wrist and can begin rehab.
DeShawn will be out 2 weeks.


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